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We provide big data analytics Techniques & realtime data Solutions for Digital Marketing & Business Management System

GBE allows your business to grow in the right direction while curating a personalized shopping experience for your visitors. Thanks to the power of data. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, GBE allows you to understand who is your potential customer. Personalize their journey and shopping experience thanks to our dynamic platform.

The Future is here and is Personalisable

Brands and online retailers need to step-up the personalization game by creating a one-of-kind journey to anticipate the consumer’s needs and desires. The future of eCommerce platforms is to move away from seeing their audience as “Them” to addressing the “You”.


Empowering Retailers to Understand Consumers

GBE is more than a personalization marketing platform. It’s a self-learning dynamic system that provides your eCommerce business with the tools you need to increase revenue, drive conversions, and get closer to those who matter: Your Consumers. With GBE you will be able to captivate those online and bring their shopping vision to reality.


Your customers are your best asset. Get to know them.

Our personalisation platform helps you deliver a seamless shopping experience. Captivate new visitors and recognises returning and loyal customers. Personalised customer experiences are not only possible but necessary for the success of any business. Your customers want a one-to-one relationship. They want to be recognised and expect to receive relevant information that speaks to their interests and needs.

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Stop guessing what your visitors really want.


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Engage with visitors that drop & drive them back to your site.


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Rely on our in-house experts to deliver measurable results.

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How We Work on your Data



Who are your users? Where are they? When do they drop off? Tools like Flows, Cohort Analysis, Uninstall Tracking, and Funnels help you understand users better.



Forget manual segmentation. Our AI automatically segments users based on recency and frequency of use (RFM), user intent, and preferences so you can target the right users.



We’re the only solution that lets you orchestrate campaigns across 11 unique mobile, email, and web channels.


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We help businesses solve their most challenging problems with artificial intelligence. Our full-funnel solutions and enterprise-grade products enable brands to make data-driven decisions, increase ROI, and accelerate business growth

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