Brand Signals SEO

What is Brand Signals SEO?

Most of us understand that SEO is a technical job of optimizing keywords for high search rankings on Google. So you pay an SEO partner wishing to participate in the keyword war to bring your business to the top page of search results. But the fact that Google disobeys any SEO partners, the lofty goal of Google is to bring the best search results to their users, not to return the search results according to the arrangement of a certain individual.

At GBE, we don’t do that but instead we create Brand Signals SEO. This is a marketing technology platform of GBE that ensures the ability to find your industry and business in all “real” contexts when users search for information that is relevant to you. Your business will fully exploit the market you have in accordance with the right marketing quality and the spirit of Google.

The things you get:

  • Exploit maximally your existing customers
  • Exploit maximally users' search trends in the future
  • Fully exploit consequences including measuring and reporting of all your past, present and future marketing campaigns
  • Orientate on marketing strategy and optimize your products to boost sales

What We Do

Take techical responsibility in accordance with
Google' standards

As your business department, GBE is responsible for all technical matters to ensure the full Google standards for all of your websites.

Maximize all possibilities for users to find your content

We optimize all the content and keywords that customers can find you. Not only efficiency at searching, your business will have the most professional brand recognition on Google.

Apply GBE's artificial intelligence to predict users’ search behaviors in future

We will use GBE's artificial intelligence platform to predict users' possible search behaviors for SEO optimization to ensure that 99% of users will find you in any context that arises in the future when your marketing campaign is ongoing or has finished. This will help keep your ideas and multi-channel media budget exploited as much as possible.

Brand Signals SEO Pricing

Starting at 5000 USD a year:

Costs depend on your business's budget, goals, and communication plan

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